Unconventional Uses For A Golf Cart

An example of a vendor golf cart model in green.

Unconventional Uses For A Golf Cart

Nowadays, golf carts are highly popular for various reasons, and these versatile vehicles are no longer just meant for players on the course. You’ve probably seen these compact, handy vehicles cruising around neighborhoods and even on main streets in some communities. This is just one of the many ways the golf cart has evolved. We’ve outlined some additional unconventional uses for these amazing vehicles below. Here at Extreme Golf Cars, we’ve got tons of information on how to make use out of yours! If you happen to be in the market for a new golf car, stop by and see us in Georgetown, TX.


You’ve probably seen those long lines at food carts on your lunch hour. Why not have the vendors come to the customers? Those ice cream trucks definitely have the right idea! A golf car can transport coolers full of cold beverages, snacks, and other items around as needed. They can also be used by vendors who are stationed somewhere and run out of supplies. All they need to do is hop in their golf cart and replenish as necessary.

Grounds Maintenance

When you’ve got a large property to maintain, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how helpful it can be to have a golf car on-hand. These vehicles have the ability to tow a small cart, so you can get around the property with ease and take your equipment while you’re at it. You’ll be able to pull plants, tools, bags of soil, and even a lawn mower. Your ground maintenance routine will be forever changed when you add a golf cart to the mix.

Security & Law Enforcement

Whether it be mall security or official law enforcement, golf cars can be a quick and efficient way to patrol the area. As a matter of fact, more law enforcement agencies are using these vehicles for chasing perpetrators and keeping small neighborhoods as safe as possible. You’ll find that many golf cart communities have their own police department that utilizes a fleet of golf carts for law enforcement.

We’re just getting started. If you’re interested in learning more unique ways to put your golf car to use, give us a call or visit our dealership! Extreme Golf Cars is conveniently located in Georgetown, TX.

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