Golf Car Safety Tips

A woman smiles as a passenger in a green E-Z-GO golf cart.

Golf Cart Safety Tips

Don’t let the name fool you. Golf carts are used for more than just golfing these days. They’re an easy way to get across long stretches of property quickly without damaging the lawn. But they’re motorized vehicles, which means they come with their own risks so you’ll need to take some steps to ensure you and any passengers in your golf cart are safe. Read our tips below, and if you need more advice, stop by Extreme Golf Cars, serving Georgetown, Texas, and we’ll happily answer all your questions.

Never Drive Recklessly

Just like you would with a bigger vehicle, you’ll want to be careful behind the wheel of a golf cart. Some mistakes are inevitable, but try to avoid the avoidable by making the safest driving decisions you can. This includes not speeding and slowing down for turns, as well as indicating which way you’re turning to other drivers using hand signals. Drive around obstacles--since these machines aren’t built for that kind of off-roading--and never drive while impaired or distracted.

Don’t Overpack Your Golf Cart

Golf carts are not only great for helping you get from one place to the next, but they can also provide an easy way to transport supplies. However, there’s a limit to how much your golf cart can hold. Never overwhelm it by adding more weight than it can handle, as this can make it unsafe and far less efficient.

Instruct Passengers on Safety

If you have passengers in your cart, make sure they understand all the relevant safety concerns and also understand how they should behave when in the cart. This includes keeping all limbs inside the vehicle, sitting still, and minimizing noise. By following these steps, you and your passengers can avoid stressful accidents and ensure that you’re going to have an enjoyable and efficient experience.

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