Golf Car Buyers Guide

A woman next to a green E-Z-GO golf cart take a golf club out of the back.

Golf Car Buyers Guide

Once you’ve decided to purchase a golf car, there are still a few more things to consider before you start shopping. Whether you plan to use your golf car to zip back and forth across the golf course or to move around your community more easily, this can turn out to be a great investment so long as you do your research. Make sure that it’s legal to drive your golf cart where you live and plan to use it the most. Ask yourself some other important questions before you start browsing your options. Should you buy a gas or electric golf car? Should you buy a new or used golf car?

We’re here to help. At Extreme Golf Cars, we’ve got loads of useful information to help you choose the right golf car so keep reading! If you have questions or want to browse our inventory, be sure to stop by our dealership in Georgetown, TX

Gas or Electric?

A good place to start narrowing down your options is to choose between a gas and an electric golf car. There are some key differences that should help you reach a decision. First, gas golf cars tend to run at higher speeds, carry heavier loads, and are easy to refill with fuel. The extra speed for getting from Point A to Point B quickly might make this the winner. If you prefer something that’s custom-built with additional options and features, this might be the way to go.

Electric golf cars are more environmentally friendly as they don’t put out emissions. These cars are also less noisy and more affordable. Electric golf cars cost less to maintain since recharging the battery is less expensive than purchasing fuel and keeping up with the maintenance a gas golf car requires. Remember that your electric golf car will eventually run out of power and need time to recharge. If you run out of power while driving, you might need to push or even tow it.

New or Used?

When you buy a new cart, you feel safe and comfortable knowing that you’re the very first owner and you don’t have to do any digging about the history and worry about underlying issues. You’ll enjoy having the latest technology as well as superior comfort and performance with a new golf car. Of course, there also tend to be outstanding incentives for financing a new model. If your budget allows for the purchase of a new golf car, this could be an ideal option for you.

If you are searching for a more economical option then you might want to consider a used golf car. You’ll need to be especially careful as it is easy to make an impulsive purchase if the price is right. Make sure you ask plenty of questions about the history. The golf car should absolutely have a serial number on it and if not, beware. When you purchase a used golf car, you should ask the year and the model of both the car and the batteries. This will help you indicate the amount of wear and tear it has endured. Always ask for a written warranty when buying used.

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