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Cushman® Utility Vehicles

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Cushman® brand UTVs bring versatility, durability, and dependability to a wide range of jobs. Their utility haulers make maintaining golf courses a breeze, with the ability to carry big payloads in their extended beds so you can bring more and get more done with each outing. Or perhaps you need a fully stocked food and beverage cart, in which case the Cushman® Refresher® line has everything you need, including modular merchandising space, cold storage draws, and counterspace for finishing off a customer’s order. Hospitality at its best is getting your guests where they want to go, and the Shuttle™ line is built just for that, helping you get your workers, volunteers, members, and guests where they want to go in style so you can keep your business moving.

What began with two cousins building farm machinery and two-cycle boat engines in 1901 is now the manufacturer of the broadest line of utility vehicles on the market. During World War I, Cushman provided two- and four-horsepower engines to operate water pumps, cream separators, washing machines and wood saws. By World War II, the company was producing scooters used by the Navy, the Army and the Army Air Force.

Today, more than 100 years after the first engine was shipped out of the Lincoln, Nebraska plant, the Cushman brand is still providing rugged and dependable solutions for a variety of industries. Cushman brand vehicles are now manufactured by Textron Specialized in Augusta, Georgia, in a recently-expanded 700,000-square-foot plant. And with the ever-expanding resources of Textron Specialized Vehicles' parent company Textron, known for its innovative transportation solutions and manufacturing excellence, the Cushman brand continues to grow. The company continues to build on its reputation for delivering quality, heavy-duty industrial material carriers, dependable utility vehicles and comfortable personnel transport vehicles.

Whether you’re responsible for keeping lawn or turf green and trim, moving tools and equipment around a work site, or working hospitality, Cushman® commercial and utility vehicles will keep your business running at top speed. Head into Extreme Golf Cars in Georgetown, Texas for a look at our stock of new and used Cushman® UTVs.

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